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Buy Health Supplements Online From NutriLife Singapore


What are health supplements?


Health supplements are products that are taken in addition to food to enhance, maintain, and support all bodily systems.


What type of health supplements are there?


Health supplements are available in many different forms, such as energy bars, beverages, powders, candies, capsules, and pills. Fish oils, probiotics, herbs like garlic and echinacea, minerals like iron and calcium, vitamins B12 and D, and nutrients like glucosamine are all commonly found in most health supplements on the market.


1. Gut health supplements


Gut health supplements are not medications, but rather raw nutrient formulations that can be taken orally. Their primary function is to keep your gastrointestinal system’s delicate equilibrium in check. 


2. Joint supplements


With today's hectic lifestyles, it's difficult to get sufficient nutrients from food to meet our body’s daily needs. This is where joint care supplements come in, which are dietary foods intended to treat pain, including osteoarthritic joint pain.


3. Immunity supplements


An immunity supplement like vitamin C is a health supplement that is normally sold as chewable tablets and capsules for oral consumption. It aids in overcoming any vitamin or mineral deficiencies in your diet.



Frequently Asked Questions About Health Supplements


Do I need a prescription in order to take health supplements


No, you do not need a prescription to take health supplements as they are not considered drugs. However, you should always consult your doctor before using any supplement because some of them may have unwanted side effects or interfere with other prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements you're already taking. Asking your doctor before taking a supplement is especially crucial if you're expecting or breastfeeding, going through surgery, have a medical condition like high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, or are pregnant or nursing. Additionally, never give children below the age of 16 a supplement without first consulting their doctor.


What health supplements are best for overall health?


Studies show that the five best health supplements to include in your diet for overall health are folic acid, vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin D, and fish oil.


Why should I buy health supplements from NutriLife?


Carefully formulated in Singapore, NutriLife’s health supplements were established in 2014 with an aim to improve the quality of life for the entire family through high quality, natural health care products and health supplements. Joint care and joint pain relief products, beauty and skincare supplements, gut health and probiotics supplements, daily vitamins, and even weight reduction supplements are some of our main product categories. From children to ageing loved ones, there is something for everyone at NutriLife. 

NutriLife’s health supplements are manufactured in Europe and the US under strict quality controls.

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